Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30th 2011

                We are in America's wetlands. Louisiana, the Sportsman's Paradise. Creole, Gumbo, Etouffee, crayfish and Jambalaya. Yes I am excited about Cajun country.  We drove in yesterday from De Soto National Forest outside of Gulfport, Mississippi.  The truck is driving strong thankfully and gas prices are are holding steady around $3.33/ gallon. Highway  I - 10 through the south has been interesting. Truckers reading books while driving through work zones,  long bridges over swamps, and rice fields.   It has been great to visit with aunt Amy and cousin John down here in Hackberry where the welcome wagon of mosquitos meet you at the bridge to carry you to your destination.  Hanging out with family is the best.
                The past few days of camping through the south has been excellent.  State parks and national forests from Georgia through Mississippi have been inviting, clean, and relaxing.  I encourage anyone looking to get away to visit a park.  Here are some pictures of the trip so far.  Enjoy.  
Chewacala State Park, Aurburn Al.

Marie and the Pups in Bama

Tall bridges in the south

Welcome to  Biloxi MS.

Campground Host ??

Mav rolling in the rocks at Big Biloxi campground

Lucy eating the sweet Mississippi grass

Welcome to Louisiana!!!

Baton Rouge La.

The mosquitos welcome Lucy to Hackberry

Gator hunting from the shade

T, Aunt Amy, Lucy and Maverick

Running with the pups in the Gulf of Mexico

Hanging with my cuz John

Good Times

Oil Rigs

Hermit crab home

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