Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life in Alaska

It is Sunday August 21st and the weather is overcast with a constant slow rain.  The days are noticeably shorter than when we first arrived less than a month ago.  I was told that we lose 7 to 8 mins. a day.  Sunset is still late at 9:30 or so.  The temperature averages in the 60's with the sun poking out when it can.  I am ok with a rainy lazy Sunday. 

We have been working now for the past two weeks it has been nice in a way to get back to the real world. What hasn't been that great is the amount of paperwork and id showing it takes to get established in a new town. The dmv was a three trips in two days experience, because apparently valid driver's liscenses, social security cards, photo ids, and utility bills just isn't enough verification that I am who I say I am.  I wish they would get rid of the  boring paperwork and actually put hoops out in the parking lot to jump through.  someday..

I am getting more familiar with the area and Marie and I both are enjoying the almost unlimited hiking trails that are close by.  A great book our friend turned us onto is "Outside in the Interior" by Kyle Joly has been an excellent guide for day trips.  The University of Alaska Fairbanks has summer hiking trails and winter ski trails on the campus and they are amazing.  I have decided that this winter I want to take up cross country skiing and learn how to snow shoe.  There should at least be entertaining photos for people to comment on. 

For a combined birthday gift to each other, Marie and I will be taking the train from Fairbanks to Anchorage over labor day weekend and spending a couple nights in the big city.  We will probably rent bikes and do the tourist thing, taking photos, drinking beer, etc...  The train trip itself is a 12 hour rid that has stops along the way and travels through Denali Park. A little trip before the winter begins.  Yes winter and September I know. 

Well we hope everyone is doing well a we will post more pictures of the north as we get them.
Take Care
Trevor and Marie
Lucy and Maverick

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's Fair?

That certain still in the air, an indication that winter is here…isn’t here yet. Although it has been rainy the past few days, we haven’t allowed the weather to stop us from our activities.

Yesterday, we went to a going away party. It seemed like every time someone pulled up, the rain would appear. With a great spread and a good crowd, we basically dined'n'dashed. Trevor found someone online selling a snowboard set, so we left to meet him at the university. Trevor is officially set for the winter.

Yesterday was also the last day of the Tanana Valley State Fair. I’m never too thrilled about the fair; droves of people, the rain, and the fact you just have to spend money-don’t I sound like an old bitty?!Ha! The food is always good and it looked like there was more variety than past years. Shrimp stands, cajun food, buffalo burgers..and chips on a stick? Something other than fried fried fried...Trevor opted for a plate of fried zuccini, I was just there for the band.

We went with my friend Dominic to see The Avery Wolves play. Our first encounter with this band was at a bar in North Pole called the Badger Den. The Avery Wolves describe their sound as Psychobilly: rockabilly mixed with punk. It works for them. They have their James Dean look and tattoos playing the drums, guitar, and base cello. Their one song at the Badger Den sounded really good; however, the owner shut them down. He didn’t like their sound. According to him they were “too loud.” In a bar now set up for live music, it was upsetting; well, except to the few loyal to place. Maybe they can do a Waylon Jennings mix next time. NOT! The band was able to play more than one song at the fair, so we were able to really see them in action. It was good to see a bigger crowd dancing away; I’m sure this and other stages will make up for 3 minute play time at the Den.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not too into crowds, but every once in a while you have to immerse yourself, or else, you really do turn into an old bitty. There are too many things to see and experience to be shut out from the world. At some point during the week there was a Lady GaGa look a like contest at the fair…Not sure this girl knew when it was:

It's SO evil to pick on people you don't even know! Who am I to judge this person, right? I think the question really is, what is this person thinking? At any rate, I’ll be judged by others, but not in a full leopard onesie at the fair. I know I’m going to hell, so save your breadth.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Canada/Alaska mix

burn viewSmith Lake, UAF AKfungi familycrazy treefireweedBerman Lake momentturdT + pupsadded these lateBFF's4eva!Quartz Quartz LakeMoose!DSCN7304Good morning Moon Lake!DSCN7297oh these dogs! Moon Lake SP, AKyes!DSCN7283DSCN7275Lion mavNearing Johnson's Crossing

Trying out Flickr. photos are mixed. If you can't view them, let me know. not sure it got all of them. too late to mess with organizing. Hope everyone's having a great week so far. love ya!