Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's crazy how life twists and changes so fast.

Over the winter, Trevor and I were worried about surviving it. This winter was one of the coldest on record for the Fairbanks area. Some parts of the state received more snow than they had in years. We received bone crushing cold that could break you if you stayed out in it long enough.We survived. With our seasonal jobs ending I was so worried about finding more work..and with school ending, Trevor was worried also. After almost two months of searching; we have jobs. And just the other night, we had had enough of our party-going neighbor we called the cops to break up their shin-dig. When your neighbor doesn't have the decency to answer their own door and allows his/her guests to talk to you for him/her, or they hide as the authority knocks on your behalf(disgruntled and bored with domestic disruption, of course)...well, you just decide it is time to move the hell on. We stayed up an extra hour(til about 2am) looking online for future potential homes. And now have a new home.

What is this? When things get to the very darkest center of uncertainty, but the next day, or a blink of an eye later...Everything seems so much clearer. Brighter. Right.

Will things have still turned out the same if it were just me? or just Trevor? Leading our own individual lives? I believe so. Everything, good and bad, is meant to happen. Surviving the winter up here is meant to show us, it can still be done. People survive the worse conditions of life all the time. What are you willing to do? We left Wilmington in the frame of mind that Alaska still presents more opportunity than most places we ventured through last summer. And she has. It's odd how we are so ready for some place better to live, and by chance? By the collision of that readiness and the decision of our new landlord to find new tenants, we just happen to stumble upon his craigslist ad; and within 2 hours we have that some-place-better-to-live? Coincidence? Talk about things happening in the blink of an eye! How did we manifest this? Maybe I shouldn't even question it but only understand, that this is meant to be. Right now, even you reading this, you are meant to be. I don't know how this story will effect you, or what window of opportunity it may open for you. All I know is, you are meant to be here. I can only hope you are aware of that, and you inspire yourself to seek better for...well, yourself, which will in turn inspire someone else or at least a gracious positive feeling.. And if you don't need to, then you are content, and happy. And this was still meant to be.

I'm not sure what road T and I will be on next, but we'll be on it, with all it's twists and turns.Safe travels!
Love Always,
If anything, find a warm spot to lay in. ~Maverick @ Sneddin Park, along the Chena River in Fairbanks.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Random poem by Marie

Full moon rising February 6, 2012

Sun setting behind Denali simultaneously with the moon rising

Tiny pine cones(about the size of my thumb print)

Moon's full in my side view mirror
Sun caresses Denali's head...
Hill's are growing taller
Reaching for the cloud's as a blanket...
Snow, we wait for your departure,
You've been here now for quite some time...
We know you won't be here long,
So we wait to dance in Summer's light.