Sunday, September 25, 2011

4-Letter 'S' word

One of our last bike rides took us to Chena Lakes. They have a great pathway about a mile or so from the recreation entrance where we discovered new bike loops along the lake. The pictures above are within 1 hr of each other; both equally astonishing...and it's just Chena Lakes! Looking forward to checking out their ice fishing houses this winter.

Last weekend we had people over for food and fire. Members of the Fairbanks Offroad Lions Club, friends, and neighbors attended as we enjoyed each others company. Roasting giant marsh mellows, and burning old turkey deep fry oil it was a good time. Who knows how old that oil was, but it helped keep the fire going. Disclaimer: It is NOT recommended using any kind of oil to burn (for fun) unless 5 or more coherent adults are present, so kids, just don't do it. The next day the coals were still so hot; even from a thorough water soaking; that another fire was easily started for one last burn..sheesh.
This week was a week of refocusing. Being unemployed has helped me look at my options and evaluate what my I'd like for our future. Maybe I should call those California psychics they keep advertising on tv..anywho. Having this time to think, has led me to other opportunities that will quite possibly help my food business adventure get rolling..heh heh.

I met a couple of dear friends who work at the University and was told there is a community commercial kitchen available to those who need it(check)....And with all the holiday bazaars coming up, and names to important people at the health department, there really is no excuse for this not to take off(check, check).

Getting a job is first priority, must have some sort of income to make this happen. So yesterday, after meeting a man selling a food truck(not quite what I'm looking for, but close) we drove 30 miles to Skiland where we briefly met a female moose and calf up the Steese Hwy. The fuse to my horn went out, so yelling at the calf and revving the engine not only didn't work in shewing the calf back into the woods, but we also received dirty looks from miss momma moose(she was no my little pony) we waited. You should be able to click on the picture and then hold the CTRL key while tapping the (+) key to zoom in; miss momma moose is in the pond to the left of the road. After arriving at Skiland, the owner, Brenda, gave us a grand tour of the facility and mentioned how employees can stay at the lodge for work if this too good to be true? The Mt. Aurora Fairbanks Creek Lodge is actually an old bunkhouse that was built in the 20's during Alaska's gold mining era. At first glance you wouldn't think this building was actually a lodge by the way the exterior seems to be hanging on with sheets of metal. However, walking in you are welcomed by a warm open space for dinner or entertainment for 20 or more..wood everything(almost i.e. floor walls, furniture)..very rustic. There are twelve rooms upstairs, each with at least two beds, no tv, six shared bathrooms, and each with an infrared light for viewing of the Aurora Borealis from your window. Brenda told us from August through October, Japanese tour buses come through specifically to view the Northern Lights. Between the ski hill facility and the lodge, there will be plenty to do. We are looking forward to spending more time here(work or not).

To tie in the title, what were the odds of us getting to Skiland and it snowing? A welcomed sign we were in the right place. It didn't stick, but it was enough to remind us, warm weather is now about 8-9 months away.We walked to a trail across the road from the lodge. It lead to an overlook that offers a breathtaking try to imagine it in white. There will be another picture of this in a couple of months.

It feels good keeping options open. When you give yourself permission to remain open to opportunity, life happens as it should. Right now, things are looking up.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept.12, 2011

With Labor Day a distant memory, fall has set in. The temperature today was a cozy 68 degrees F with the sun hugging us with her warmth. The lows have been constant at 40 to 44 degrees, almost $n%w weather!! haha!! The leaves are now yellow and are taking their time falling as mushrooms of all forms, shapes and sizes have seemed to take over.

We spent yesterday morning at Pioneer Park for the 10th Anniversary of September 11th. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years. I was in Alaska when it happened; and am here again for the 10th anniversary. As UAF's fire chief delivered his memorial speech, I couldn't help the tears that flowed knowing the families of the victims of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, & Flight 93 have struggled everyday to find solace since that tragic day. Some of us will never know the magnitude of their loss. But we can always help, by being present and supporting them morally with love and compassion, or by a simple thank you to 9/11's children who are now joining the services of our nation and to the service men and women who have been in before, during and after 9/11.

After the memorial service, Trevor spent the majority of the afternoon parting out 3 old bikes my dad had stowed away and putting together one nice working bike! Dee, you would be proud! So, with winter approaching, we now have two bikes to enjoy before the weather really changes.

Riding bikes is a favorite past time of ours. I will certainly miss it after old man winter moves in for the next 7-8 months. We enjoyed the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in Anchorage for Labor Day weekend. Eleven miles of biking, we saw a moose and float planes land and take off at Lake Spenard. Our ride by train to Anchorage was pretty sweet as well. 12 hrs of never ending mountainous terrain. We got to see Dall sheep on mountain sides, and plenty of "swans on the left...swans on the left..everybody, there are swans on the left." There's plenty to do in Downtown Anchorage. If you ever find yourself there(during the summer) check out the Downtown Bicycle rental shop and the Anchorage Farmer's Market. The Marriot, The Hilton, or the Bent Prop Inn & Hostel(where we stayed) will be there waiting. We are looking forward to more visits south this might be warmer!

Labor Day 2011 Pictures >click here<