Saturday, June 25, 2011

No good-byes...just hugs and smiles...

Leaving Manteo 06/24/2011
Alas, the day has come. We leave North Carolina in the morning. This past week has gone by so fast. Time with family has been essential, especially for Trevor. I choked up a little when I hugged Bill Warren good bye; a preview of what's to come in the morning. I don't know what it's like to see your oldest son/nephew take off to a place unknown...but I do share that feeling for a brother leaving. It's a scary feeling, a loving feeling, and you just hope for the best and feel relieved & encouraged when you hear from him.We have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time, and can hardly believe it's already here.

Home is where your heart is and if it's with the people you call or have adopted as family, you'll always be home, always. Elisabeth wrote a very sweet note on Facebook last week about the changes happening in her life and of her thoughts on our departure. She and her husband Mike married on the waterfront of Washington, NC yesterday. There are pictures I'll share, after this little tidbit from E's special note(love you sista. This time has been special):

"While driving from the city that nurtured me to the city that is shaping me I thought about all of these changes occurring in my groups world - then I thought...when my brother and his wife leave Little Washington, NC on Sunday, they will honk the horn two times, give a wave and that will be the last time I will see them for some time.

Goodbyes, changes and transitions are wonderful, powerful and scary all at the same time and to all parties involved there is always a little bit of uncertainty.  For me and my change and transition….I am ready to be a wife, for my brother and his wife’s transition I am not quite ready for the last two honks and a wave, but I know it means I love you and we are on our way."

We're so lucky to be a part of a very special group. I'm glad to have people in our life who are so loving and supportive. It's made planning and following through with this crazy adventure soooo much easier. We are so grateful. And if I can offer any advice on how to say farewell...well..we're all just going to have to do what comes naturally. Let's not say goodbye, but give each other a hug and a smile. To our familly: We'll see you again soon, and we love you.


Manteo, NC:

The eye's have it!
Mr. Photogenic Mav
With Marni and Rob at Festival Park for a free music show 06/22/2011
Lucy getting some love...but she really wants that pizza Marni's hiding.

Performers from the NC A&T Univ. Cabaret with T& Marni

Drummer and Hostess from NC A&T

Storm rolling in 06/23

It looked like it was going to swallow us whole.

Leaving Manteo

 Washington, NC Wedding Weekend

The Dairy Palace...I loved the simplicity of the menu board..must get ideas for the eggroll cart.

The fabulous Dee
Family arriving: Pat, Ryland, Brandi, and Sally

Man of the hour: now official brother in law Mike
Mike and Elisabeth getting married 06/24/2011 4:55pm sharp! :D
There was video, but stupid me forgot to hit save before i closed the phone to clap :/

Ryland and Winna to the left

The wind helped blow the bubbles.

Next day outside the Estuarium...pretty cool place.
The cousins Jack, Ethan, Trevor and Ryland playing soccer before lunch.

Spring loaded


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