Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday June 20, 2011

Hello! Sorry it has taken so long to post an update. Here we are! We are currently in Manteo, NC. A small bustling town with a $5 movie theater and the Food-A-Rama...The Lost Colony is here too. Every town has it's thing, where we're going, Santa will be the thing 24/7..anyway.

This last week was a whirlwind. We had a great Send-Off party hosted by the wonderful and gracious Kaye. We had a great time eating great food, playing Cornhole, and watching the pups and kids play together.

Hostess with the mostest!
Amanda, Jennifer, Joann
Sir Dudley of Ashton(AKA: Dudders)
Jo & Ma

Jo & T

Lil' Mateo with Ry

Men and the Cornhole
Best Buds: Trevor and Will
Dudley loves attention

Will and Amber :)
Shelly and Marie
Whitney, Kaye, Wilson, T, Estepanie, Mateo, Amber, Ry, Brandi, Heath, Shelly, Dain, Henry, Ester, Kaz, Kathy, Brandon, Marie, Erin, Pete, Dog 1, Maverick & Lucy(showing their tail)

We had several 'last dinners' with friends and family. Both T and I feel about 20lbs heavier. We started the week with dinner at Nikki's Sushi downtown Wilmington. Cousin Erin met up with us(Ryland and Brandi) after work and we ate sushi up to our eyeballs.  I ended work with L.E.D., Inc June15th as we said our goodbyes. I'm very grateful to have them as a part of my life. Thank you for everything!

We ended that night by meeting Erin and Kyle at the Brooklyn Arts Center for the Galactic Concert.

Erin sporting her hand made beer holder necklace!

Danced away for about two hours and ran into a lot of our downtown friends we had not seen in while. Always feels good to be loved. Much love! We were met with a very nice steak dinner Thursday night with Ida(last owner of the camper truck) after getting the camper loaded onto the truck the very first try! Trevor showed friend Daryll the new wood floors in the camper. His eyes were gleaming at the thought of a new project..(Thanks Mark for helping us with your carpentry expertise!) Ida and John, this camper's going places!

Ending the week at The Brasserie du Soleil Friday, we enjoyed cheese and meat plates, top of the line entrees and the best raspberry sorbet EVER.  You're certainly treating yourself right if you eat here!

Shrimp Ravioli...mmmmmmmmmmm!

Big steak for a little lady ;)

We decided to take our time to go through the last bit of stuff. Made two last trips to Good Will Saturday; they have about 75% of the things we didn't sell or give to friends. Taxes are going to look good next year..Good thing I'm a stickler for saving receipts.

We started with all this....about 1/4 of the stuff we had. This is from the first yard sale.

With three successful yard sales, great friends who either bought or delightfully accepted free items, we were able to completely clean out our house. The dogs were confused for a while, but they have been good sports throughout the whole ordeal.

Clean as a whistle!

Mav hiding from the madness.

So with Wilmington now behind us we are currently going over the camper and realize there is an illusive leak coming from the a/c unit. Might have to replace a gasket or just duct tape around it..we'll see what happens :) For now we are enjoying time with family and look forward to a wedding weekend in a few days. Woot!~m


  1. Thanks for sharing his beautiful journey. I am bummed that I did not get to give my love to Trevor and the pups. Please hug them for me. I suppose that is even more of a reason to come visit one day. Enjoy, embrace, entertain and encompass all that surrounds. Namaste to my beautiful friends.....

  2. No worries :) Everything happened really fast our last week in Wilmington. Thank you for the encouraging words. >BIG HUG< We love you! Lucy-goosey and Toe-furkins send their love also :D
    ~m & T