Monday, June 27, 2011

One Thing at a Time

Recap of yesterday

Our send-off in Washington couldn't have been with better people. The family looked over the camper and remained excited for our journey. I held off REALLY crying until giving my sister in law Brandi several hugs. Reality was setting in for everyone. When you realize you're actually living in the moment, some of these moments seem surreal. Or, you just want time to stop so the moment never ends. There were times during the hugging and tear wiping when we just wanted to stay a little bit longer..okay, just another minute. Just one more hug! Time just keeps moving along. Time is precious.

We made the 6hr+ drive to Mistletoe State Park and arrived here right at 5p. As I was walking up to the main office to pay for the night, I heard the office door lock and the blinds close. Really? My watch read: 5:00 and 12 seconds!!! I turned to look at Trevor and thought "Well, that's about right." and laughed to myself. The park ranger came out a few minutes later and told us we'll be able to take care of payments the next day. Sweet!

This park is really awesome. Brandi, Ryland, E, & Mike..well, any of you who love to be outdoors...check this place out. You'll really love it if you can get away for about3- 4 days. As soon as we plugged the camper in, T started dinner. We realized there were about a million things we wanted to do, and finally told each other to take one thing at a time. The excitement of making it here made us want to do everything all at once AND still check out the campground before dark.

Nearly comatose after dinner(a normal state for us) we forced ourselves up to take the dogs out for a walk. The sun was setting and the lake was calm. The after dinner dip was nice too. As the sun set, we had our fire going and were able to witness the lightening show off in the distance. Couldn't have asked to end the day on a better note. It did eventually rain during the night, Trevor told me. I didn't even know. Lights out meant lights out for this girl. Thanks to tightening the bolts holding the a/c unit, we are leak free! Happy campers :D

Our family bunch

We had a bunch of stickers I asked everyone to help put on...adding more as we go along!
Dee and mom marking the outside shower unit with a Momemtum sticker
Two honks and a wave
On the road to Mistletoe

Farmville seems out of commission

Not this time Wilmington

Lucy and me

Somewhere in South Carolina

Georgia border

Made it to Mistletoe..wanted to get in the water right was so nice!

Our view from the camper

Camp site #47...very nice

we hungry!

Thank you Rob and Marni for the cucumbers! This salad is lunch tomorrow also.

Pasta with pimento beans, onions, tomatoes and garlic
this is going to be good for lunch tomorrow!

Dinner by sunset

tuckered out

sunrise at about 7am this morning

a little fruit and vegetable to go with our grits.

chill dogs

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