Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July weekend

The new weekend is upon us. Last weekend was spent with Marie's Aunt Lee and Uncle Billy in Maxwell, TX. A very lively and active bunch, we were taken in as one of their own for about 5 days. With the passing of Grandpa Szendrey, we did manage to see Marie's aunts and uncles, and wished it had been under different circumstances. Some things we cannot control, but we're happy we were able to visit.
Aunts and Uncles w/ cousins outside Cracker Barrell
Marie w/Aunt Barbara
We did manage to enjoy the San Marcos area. Lee Ann and Billy showed us the very large and engaging playground they helped put together. It was a community effort where small decorated concrete squares with everyone’s signature or hand prints line the walk way. A dedication to the late Uncle Tom Bailey is also there. We were also able to take our first dip in the San Marcos Saturday with the dogs, the youngest, and Brianna; dubbed our, “River in the river” trip. Trevor helped River learn how to float on his back as Brianna laughed & helped take pictures.
Tom Bailey dedication plaque
Lee Ann and Marie at the San Marcos River Park bridge
Big playground in San Marcos..this is just one side of it.
Tom Bailey Family stone
At the San Marcos River next day..yes, we forced the furry ones in the water.
River in the river w/ Marie

Piggy back ride
Trevor, Brianna, and dogs
Brianna being a Good Samaritan and throwing away trash someone else had left
Photo courtesy of Brianna Bailey

    “Toobin,” or tubing down the San Marcos last Sunday was interesting. An area behind a farm where a small hut called Fish Camp rents tubes to mainly college kids, Trevor and I brought along the youngest of the Bailey Bunch, Lexus(11) and River(9). It was all our first go by ourselves. Toobers are taken by bus about 4 miles up the road and let loose at a small bridge crossing.
On the bus to the toobin drop off

We used some extra rope U.Billy had in his truck to tie everyone together.

River with his crazy goggles
Cooling down
As we navigated through ‘toobin parties’ we all pitched in with jumping in the cool water to swim our tubes past the crowds. It didn’t make the float down the river any quicker, but we were able to elude any pile ups around corners and mini rapids(‘bottoms up!’ was a phrase River caught onto through the more shallow areas.) It was neat to see families lounging in the opened shallow areas having a good time and watching us float by. It was probably even more entertaining to watch all the college kids while multi-tasking with their large amounts of refreshing adult beverages as they tried to navigate their groups in the tighter areas. We survived!
Guessing she's trying to get back in :)

Good Times

Monday, July 4th, marked my Uncle Paul and Aunt Barbara’s 12th anniversary together. Sounds like it pays to get married on a holiday. At least you know you’ll always have that day off.  Happy anniversary! With burn bans everywhere (drought is bad in Texas) no fireworks, so Trevor treated the Bailey family, and both my uncles Ed and Eric to his chicken enchiladas for the 4th. I’ve never seen so many comatose faces after a meal like that one! Yum!
Lee Ann trying out her new chair
Marie with U. Ed and Lee Ann

Marie w/U.Eric
Much of Tuesday was spent relaxing and checking out state parks online. We did make a trip to Lockhart with my Uncle Eric to visit my dad’s grave site. Afterward, Eric treated us to a bit of Texas cuisine..Texas barbeque at Chisolm’s in Lockhart. We can attest to this area having the best barbeque in Texas; something Trevor’s wanted since our arrival to the Lone Star State.
Our stay in Texas has been a hot one. Just today(July 6th) our truck’s thermometer read 106 degrees.

Hope Texas see's rain again very soon. I really am looking forward to it being 106 degrees cooler (0 degrees Fahrenheit or is it Celsius, not -106). As long as we park in the shade, we’re good. Until next time…

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