Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where's the dart this time?

The days are starting to run together. Sifting through pictures, it doesn't help my camera's dates are a day off.

We stayed at the James M. Robb State Park in Fruita, CO July 14th. A very developed campground with all the RV amenities. The landscape was still beautiful, but we couldn't take the dogs on any trails, swim in their little lake, AND you had to pay with quarters for the showers! So, we finally used our closet/bathroom shower. To our dismay, we discovered the pipe from the shower to the sewer needs to be replaced. All of our other piping appears to be okay..so far. By observing other RVer's we found we can just hook up our water hose directly bypassing the potable tank and still receive good water pressure..so no more hunching over the spicket to do the dishes! What are we doing?! haha!! I don't think we even camp anymore, we just RV(roll in and plug-in).

After Colorado, we were back in hilly desert country. Utah offered some of the most amazing rock formations I've ever seen. The San Rafael Swell off of I-70/UT50, must be seen in person. Hoping the pictures here will offer some sort of size reference. They're just enormous!
This picture doesn't even do these giants any justice. The history panel said at some point before highway construction, men could touch each wall with arms outstretched.

We were looking to stay in a state park an hour past Salina, UT, but the Butch Cassidy Campground in Salina was calling our name. Can't beat little places like this off the highway. They had a great open area for us to let the dogs stretch and sniff. Maverick is fond of chasing after grasshoppers. The campground offered fresh eggs for sale from the chickens roaming free, a peacock, and yes, lots and lots of bunnies for Lucy to drool over(from a distance).

Thanks to my Uncle Eric, we were able to bunker down for the night at his place in McGill, NV for Saturday night. The dogs never looked so happy to see such a well kept yard. They rolled around in his grass for almost an hour, letting us know they're not going back on the road! Uncle E. told us my Grandpa Szendrey use to say, "Did you know that HWY 50 is the loneliest road?" We can attest to that statement. With over 80 miles between Delta, UT and the Nevada border, HWY 50 did seem very lonely. We did see our first mirage passing by Sevier Lake; very dry..or is it?
Might be able to see the mirage of Sevier Lake. It was really weird seeing nothing in the distance because of the heat waves, and then the mountains started appearing..whew!

Nevada/Utah border..and of course, no state bumper stickers. What the hell, man?

My uncle had to work graveyard shift at the state prison in Ely, so he dropped us off at none other than: Marie's Cafe before getting ready. The burgers we ate were huge and tasty. They even have a 4 (1/3rd) patties called the Krazy Burger for $17. No thank you!
I did do the cheesy thing and made T take a picture..heh heh.

We felt like outsiders as we walked into the McGill Club for an after dinner shot of Silver Tequila. And, of course, we were laughed at by the bar tender for telling him so. Whatever, "inbred, ignorant, McGillbillies!" as my Uncle Eric says. I love him! The band playing consisted of three toothless McGill rock stars jamming Johnny Cash, and a lady playing the spoons!! Very off beat and entertaining! Saturday night fever!

Eric has flowers growing all around his property from a previous owner. Just show casing this lovely what-looks-like-some-sort-of-hibiscus flower. Feel free to correct me.
pooped pup
Dawn on July 17 McGill, NV
Oh, and we couldn't leave NV without doing a little gambling at the Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall. Trevor has better luck than I at these things. Lovin' the shirt Eric :D

On the road again, this time up to Idaho. We decided a few days ago to make a separate trip to the Grand Tetons later. Twin Falls on through Boise offered us more astounding scenery. Rolling hills, winding rivers, green pastures(full of potatoes maybe? and corn!), and wind turbines. Idaho is on our checklist of beautiful places to visit. This time we stayed at another RV park off the interstate at Mountain View RV in Boise. Boise's noisy, but it was only for the night. Not much of a mountain view either.
View from atop the camper at Mountain View RV Park.

Still on top of the camper. Time for a cool refreshing adult beverage! It was almost 100 degrees in Boise!

We made it to Portland yesterday evening. More on that later! Peace!~m

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