Friday, July 22, 2011

B.C., Canada

We've made it to Canada! Customs was a breeze. We took the Abbottsford entrance into Canada near Sumas, Washington. They didn't even need our passport, or even searched our camper. Guess we just looked honest enough to let pass. We actually had to fork over our little tiny thing of mace, to which the entry guard replied "But they'll let you buy an extinguisher sized can of bear mace in Canada."....Eh? We are now camped out for the night at Clinton Pine Campgrounds in British Columbia. I'm sitting at the front office using their limited wireless. No pictures to post of Portland. :( We downloaded them from Lauren's camera, but must have missed something. Oh well..We'll try and get Portland posted soon. For now you'll have to use your imagination, or click on a couple of links I've provided.

Portland was amazing. With plenty of places to eat, friends and plenty of walking, Lauren(my dear friend and hostess) took us on a grand tour of North East Portland. We ate at Tasty and Son's our first night. Very decadent and chic, we shared plates to which our palates were more than satisfied. We then walked to Ruby Jewels...MMMMM..homemade ice cream. Nathan, Lauren's beau, wanted to share their lavender and honey ice cream was soooooo good! The dogs enjoyed being roommates for a short bit with Patti. A lovey and very licky Boston Terrier, she loooooved Trevor! He grew a beard that she loooved to try and cuddle to! We hope she's not too sad we're gone! Love you Patti!

Living close to Mississippi Ave, Lauren and her roommates have access to great fun for that area. Wednesday, Trevor and I walked a few blocks to get some laundry done and we ate at a food court filled with over a dozen food service carts. Perfect!!! These type of courts are called food pods, and Portland is chalk-full of them. So ready to start that egg-roll cart! Later, We were treated to Forest Park, Lauren's favorite hang-out spot. We didn't travel too far up the trails, but it's said the park has over 60 miles worth of trails! Walk, run, or bike your heart out. Our friend Travis came with us as we observed slugs the size of your thumb and caught little newts from the creek. Not even five minutes into the trail and we're in a place so serene. Promise to post these pictures soon!

We toured the very beautiful Rose Gardens. Every rose you can ever imagine is there, or just about. It was a perfect place to walk off dinner from the Red Onion(one of the best Thai food places)..Nathan then drove us to Voodoo Donuts. I was sooo full from dinner still, the thought of trying to eat something else, much less a donut, hurt. Portland is just buzzing with openness and creativity. It was certainly an experience we would like to expand on in the future. There is much more to see.

We are enjoying much cooler weather. With the Southern U.S. on a burn ban; it's nice to finally get a fire going. The sign on the front door of this campground reads: Please be BEAR AWARE while here...guess we better go look for that new extinguisher. That's all for now. More than likely going to post again once we cross the Alaskan border. Ciao!


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  1. I will Post pics ASAP! I have all of them on my pc ;) Just returned from the splendid camping trip, MT Shasta is AMAZING...also Nate and I went swimming in Crater Lake. I had such a great time with you Trevor and the doggies!! Patty sends her Kisses!
    Chat soon!
    Love, Lauren