Sunday, November 20, 2011

November = - degrees!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post some recent pictures and show you just how much the landscape has changed.  These are from an early November Saturday morning walk with me and the dogs. The area is an undeveloped subdivision just behind M's parents house of wooded lots and gravel roads. The morning of the walk, the temperature is probably right around zero and actually nice.  The dogs usually lead me off the road to side paths with snow drifts that reach almost to my knee.  Now that we are nearing Thanksgiving, the overnight temps. are regularly in the -30 to -45 range here in North Pole.  I haven't been able to find the explitive that best describes the sensation.  Years of working in restaurants with walkin freezers did nothing to prepare me for this environment. The picture of me is in normal going out attire, just now it includes an insulated face mask.

Well, Marie and I just started taking boxes over to our new apartment!  We are living in Fairbanks within one half mile from my work and less than half the distance to Marie's Work.  It has been really nice and a blessing to be able to stay with her folks until we were able to get our feet under us. I trudged out to the camper yesterday to get some items and marveled at the fact that we lived in there for a month while driving all over this country.  We have been able to settle in nicely with welcoming friends and family helping us along the way.  It has made it seem like the trip was years in the past, but it was just this summer.  I encourage everyone to get out and see the country, go anywhere, you will be sure to meet interesting and memorable people and that is what I believe now is the best part of any journey.  We will post pictures of the new place as we get settled.  I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and eat some oysters for us!

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