Monday, November 14, 2011

Mid November already?

As the holidays approach, I can't help but think of where Trevor and I were a year ago. It's flown by so fast! Tattoos and weddings. Thanksgiving at our little two bedroom home with 8 people and 5 dogs! Bridgewater Christmas in Greensboro and the snow drift(practice for us). This was when we were deciding when to tell family about our new adventure. I can still see the look on Mamma B's face when we "dropped the bomb". Knowing one of her children is going to some frozen far off place, I'm not sure how I would react with such brazen information. After the initial shock, she showed her support by giving me a book she's read a dozen times over by Nora Roberts "Northern Lights" and support comes in different forms. We wouldn't change any of these moments. We love & miss you East coast family and friends! By the way, who's on Skype?

Change. I look out the window to read the thermometer: -10. A friend mentioned it's suppose to be even colder by the end of the week(-30's!). We know our former residence is experiencing the typical "southern winter" with balmy 80's and probably rain. I don't miss it, but it certainly isn't 80 or rainy here! It's a ritual almost; dressing in layers. I equate being in those layers much like being in the womb. Warm and comfy, it can put you in a sleepy like state just as quick as eating a good meal, if you're too careful. Or, it's like a bear going into hibernation. Only, we have do this thing called 'making a living', so no sleep like the bear. Wonder when NatGeo or Discovery is going to come knocking and ask us to be part of a sleep study? ha!

We're all hanging in there. Maverick is in love with the snow. He's such a puppy on our walks. Sticks and stones don't have a chance with him. When he sees something sticking out in the snow he pounces on it and pulls it free whipping it in the air like it's some new toy he found. Mav's favorite thing to do is walk along the small bushes, pause, then gun it back onto the trail. I haven't figured out why this irritates Lucy, maybe it's just a game they're playing, but she patiently waits for 'the kill' and stands in the spot Maverick will most likely run through to catch him in mid stride with her ferocious toothy grip. Can you tell how much I love these two? Who dedicates a whole paragraph to their dogs right? Isn't there anything else in our lives happening? :)

Glad you're curious!!! Yes! Trevor's classes began this past week. He mentioned how the classes are on east coast time, and since we're 4hrs behind, 10p class is really at dinner time here for him. Wow, I've almost forgotten how late he had to stay up to be in these online classes. He's almost finished. We still don't understand what "Environmental Health: Ecolocigal Perspectives" still has to do with Health and Nutrition. I just randomly flipped to page 90..the top of the page reads: Consider the Cost: Dioxin in Tampons?..........Really?

He has this other book I'm curious to read that's been sitting on his class notes: "The Age of Great Dreams: America in the 1960's" by David Farber. There's inspiration! Trevor is also very inspiring. He emailed me a link last week to a series of "how to" business classes being held at UAF's community college the next 5 weeks. The first class was based on figuring out your passion and important questions one should self...when deciding to take on such risky endeavors. Being on a business adventure has been exciting. I felt like this class affirmed how right-on-track I feel. My boss asked for eggrolls for a group she's having over today. I'm very thankful for her support, letting me use her kitchen, and remaining On-the-Clock. Yeah, yeah...I'm already there, but still...Amidst all this eggroll juggling, I've found a yoga studio to attend during my time off work. Yoga's not as integrated in Fairbanks as it is in Wilmington, but there are people out there who are making it happen. The cold makes it a little difficult, but not letting it halt everything.

It's like I posted on facebook: 'not sure how all this craziness is going to pan out, but I'm still panning'. Is this how the gold miner's felt? Seeing that shiny golden nugget, knowing it was going to change their lives for better or for worse regardless the amount of effort put into the endeavor? This reminds me of a former boss I had at the D.O.C in Wilmington. After every challenge course we worked, he'd ask the group to share with everyone what their golden nugget was for the day. A practice still relative outside the circle. We all deserve happiness. Happiness is always right in front of you.

Peace, Love and Pumpkin Torte(it's a dessert I'm hooked on..thanks boss!)

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