Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dec. 21, 2011 Winter Solstice

It's here, the shortest day of the year.  Three hours and change of daylight.  The days have flown by.  We arrived in Alaska almost five months ago and the changes have been dramatic, physically and mentally.  Extreme daylight, extreme cold.
The reality of needing a job and working was not one either of us wanted to jump right into after the summer of fun.  I can say though, for me, I have found a job that I love and look forward to everyday.  I have been the "Lunch Lady Man"  for just over three years now.  It is a complete 180 from what I have been cooking for the ten years prior. Fine dining at Penguin Isle in Nags Head, Chateaux Bordeaux in St. John, USVI, Prima Italian Restaurant in Wilmington, and Chelsea's Wine Bar and Eatery.  I was able to work with dedicated cooks, the best ingredients, and cooked for celebrities.  I was able to develop menu items (the Heda Bruschetta, etc..) and basically do whatever I wanted with food.  I cooked in peoples homes, for thousands of dollars entertaining with my own creations.  All the while, I felt something was lacking.  I feel more fulfilled to cook for people who need the food.  It is the only meal some of those students get that day.  The food does leave something to be desired, but the choices veggies, fruit, milk are simple and straight forward.  I am working toward bringing something better to the table.  I don't know how just yet, there are obstacles, as with anything worth doing.  The people I have worked with, Shirley, Barbara, Sylvia, Sharee, and of course Linda have showed me the most important part of feeding people.  You gotta love what you are doing.  Do what ever you can to help the kids understand about the food they eat and hopefully be better students, people.  There are many programs that I like and what to be a part of, but the people I have the pleasure of working with show me what it means to serve.  Thank you Mandie, Sue, Whitney, Lyman, and Darlene.  The love you show helps me to keep getting up so early and walk done to that school.  Have a Happy Holidays  and may 2012 be your year to live your life your way...


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